Treat Hair Loss Effectively Through a Non-Surgical Way

Researchers have been trying to understand the causes of hair loss. Some of their studies showed that hair loss can be caused by the excessive use of certain creams and other hair products like gels. While some evidently argued that hair loss is genetic although it can also be caused by trauma, certain medications and diseases. Excessive hair fall is an unhealthy sign. It is the first signs of hair loss as it means that there is something wrong with your hair and you might be getting bald. Read more about  natural hair restoration at this link to get started.

Hair is considered an essential part of a person's overall identity. It is a general impression that having a great and full hair makes people feel a lot more beautiful. For women, hair represents femininity and attractiveness while for men, it represents youth and vigor. A lot of people are actually having problems of losing their hair. And most of them get under some psychological stress simply because of its effect on their appearance. For this reason people suffering from hair loss carry out extensive research into all the different solutions available in the market. Treatments are usually both surgical and medical solutions like minoxidil, finasteride, and dutasteride.

Many doctors or experts recommend using a wide range of creams and oils. While some may suggest hair transplant surgery. These treatments typically aim to prevent further hair loss. However, there is a treatment available that claim to not only stop hair Loss but also actually regrow hair at the same time. It is called the Laser hair regrowth therapy and it has quickly become the treatment of choice for people with hair loss problem. It is a non-surgical hair growth treatment that uses the latest laser technological advancements in order to treat hair damage. A key aspect of hair loss with age is the actual aging of the hair follicle. The laser creates a low level light beam that reaches just below the scalp to the hair root. This stimulates blood flow which will encourage new cellular growth. It also removes toxins to promote a healthy scalp and stimulate the individual hair follicle. The results may not occur overnight as it actually it takes a few months to begin noticing the first signs of remedy. The procedure is repeated twice weekly usually for the entire 6 months. After several weeks of such sessions, the patient will report that his hair fall have diminished and he notices new growth density. Nowadays, a lot of doctors will recommend their clients to use hair loss treatment medications like minoxidil, in conjunction with Laser Hair Treatment to achieve best and faster results.

There is a relatively new device called Lasercap that you can use at home. It can apply about 224 laser lights continuously to the patients scalp. It runs on rechargeable batteries and charging can be done in as little as 2 hours. It's completely portable as you can wear it under a cap and you can use it while you watch TV or go outside for a walk. You only need to use it in 15-30 minutes and only on every second day. As long as you follow the guidelines properly, you can see positive results in just about 60 days. Needless to say that many people have reported great progress in their hair health after going for the laser hair regrowth therapy. Read more weight loss tips at this link now!